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Head of Service Operations and Product Support

Lloyd Rush

“I originally discovered my passion for cyber security in the RAF, so after I left, joining Airbus felt like a natural progression for me. When leaving the forces, it was important for me to find a second career – not just a job. Airbus allowed me to do this and, despite having a heightened fear of flying, I’ve now had two careers closely bound to aircraft!’’

What is a Head of Service Operations and Product Support?

A Cyber Security Service Operations Manager covers both our internal customer – Airbus Group – and our external Managed Security Services (MSS) Delivery Centre offerings. My day-to-day tasks can vary, but they’re all based around my key responsibility: ensuring our Security Operations Centres (SOCs) are being run safely and effectively.

As Head of Service Operations, I’m the technical lead for SOC operational matters, acting as the link between our SOCs and the wider Airbus CyberSecurity business lines. As part of this, I ensure SOC operations and personnel are aligned to our organisational objectives. I’m also accountable for the people, processes and technology that support continual service improvement and ensure future business wins. Plus, I regularly input into MSS Delivery Centre Strategy and Engineering Council matters. 

What are the super powers required?

I believe the fuel that drives us is more important than the superpowers we require. Personally, my fuel is a deep passion for cyber security and an interest in the challenges presented by the perpetual advancements of computer network attacks. 

How did Lloyd Rush become a Head of Service Operations and Product Support?

I have always loved maths and code. Throughout my 22 years in the Royal Air Force, I was able to use these skills to develop my cyber expertise, as well as honing my organisational and leadership capabilities. I spent 14 years responsible for protective monitoring in the RAF, and for my final extended tour, I was assigned to the MOD’s Joint Cyber Unit as its intrusion detection specialist and lead. 

I have no doubt that my background in the RAF has enabled me to advance over my 14 years at Airbus, from a Cyber Analyst to where I am now as Head of Service Operations.

How did your time in the Royal Air Force/UK MoD prepare you for your current role?

The six years I spent with the MOD’s Joint Cyber Unit continually challenged me, both practically and academically. As a result, I gained the confidence and qualifications I needed to become a cyber practitioner. The armed forces realised my leadership and management potential, and showed me how to achieve excellence in myself – as well as how to reward it in others. This ethos perfectly prepared me for my role at Airbus, where we pride ourselves on our teamwork and ‘One Team’ approach to complex issues.

What new skills have you been able to develop since joining Airbus CyberSecurity?

The RAF didn’t prepare me for the corporate side of working at a multinational organisation like Airbus. However, since joining, I have been able to concentrate on understanding the commercial aspects of managed security services, while simultaneously developing and refreshing my technical skills.

Did you find it challenging to move from the MoD to a corporate role? How did Airbus CyberSecurity support you?

I didn’t necessarily find it challenging, but there were obvious differences in leadership and management style, so I had to learn and adapt quickly. However, Airbus invested in me. This has allowed me to build a career, not just a job. They also supported me on my journey both inside and out of work.

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