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Cyber Security Specialist – IT Security Awareness

Dr. Andreas Rieb

“I really like to work with other Cyber Security specialists on projects that are non-standard e.g., the analysis of malware-spreading in ICS-related infrastructure or disaster recovery. Besides that, I like the opportunity and flexibility of developing new methods for improving IT-Security on a technical and even on a conceptual level. Moreover I appreciate the good working atmosphere at Airbus CyberSecurity.”

What is a Cyber Security Specialist – IT Security Awareness?

A Cyber Security Specialist applies their skills in a particular domain of IT-Security.

Andreas’ job as a specialist is to upskill people on Cyber Security topics. He usually works with different types of audiences: classical IT users, managers and IT professionals. In adapting to the level of each audience, he develops engaging solutions aimed at the specific audience. As an example, performing live-hacking sessions to make people aware of threats. For managers, he designs exercises to test their business processes, plans, roles and responsibility. 

Even IT professionals need awareness! He therefore also offers to the more experienced professional, the Cyber Defence Game: A table top simulation, where participants play the roles of Hackers and Defenders.

CyberRange training is also part of the job. If you want to know more about our simulation and training platform CyberRange, click here!

What are the super powers required?

Drink a lot of coffee with people from your department and especially with people from other departments. Listen to them closely and keep their skills, strengths and personality in mind. 

When it comes to projects like cyber security exercises or social engineering penetration tests, hand-pick your team. Just like in the movie “Ocean´s Eleven”.

Also, you need to be open-minded and adaptable to all kind of customers – all with totally different needs. The diversity sure requires agility! 

How did Dr. Andreas Rieb become a Cyber Security Specialist – IT Security Awareness?

Andreas studied Business Informatics, and went on the IT Security path by interest. Before Airbus he worked as an IT-Security Awareness Trainer, Consultant and Live-Hacker in the German Airforce and his own company.

In parallel, he wrote his PhD in the domain of IT-Security Awareness for IT-Security Professionals. He has also written several scientific and practice-oriented articles about IT-Security Awareness and is the editor of the book “Case Kritis – Fallstudien zur IT-Sicherheit in Kritischen Infrastrukturen”. 

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