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Cyber Security Software Engineer

Philip Kyle O‘Hagan

“Working at Airbus CyberSecurity allows me to work on cool things that actually matter. I couldn’t get this experience anywhere else!”

What is a Cyber Security Software Engineer?

A Software Engineer has the unique role of turning complex specifications into real solutions.

A Software Engineer at Airbus CyberSecurity has hands on experience throughout all areas of the software development lifecycle, to better equip them in dealing with the real world challenges faced in the industry.

Being a Software Engineer in Airbus CyberSecurity means creating innovative solutions whilst being aware of “security by design” and defensive programming techniques.

What are the super powers required?

While being technically minded and great at developing software are key requirements for a Software Engineer, being an effective communicator is equally important! Effective communication between co-workers, suppliers and customers can make the difference between doing something good and doing something great.

Having high standards for the quality of software developed is essential. Ensuring software meets specification, is written using the best techniques and is rigorously tested ensures that the software we produce is of the best quality.

Good knowledge of both legacy and modern software languages, as well as the designs and principles behind them is a must if an effective solution is to be produced.

Working at Airbus CyberSecurity means working with integrity and strong values.

How did Philip Kyle O‘Hagan become a Cyber Security Software Engineer?

Kyle studied a BSc (Hons) in Forensic Computing & Security at Bournemouth University. During this time, Kyle found a passion for all things software and did a year long internship at a telecommunications company as a Software Developer.

After university, Kyle found the perfect role that incorporates both his passion for software, as well as skills learnt during his degree. This was as a Graduate Software Engineer at Airbus CyberSecurity. Now a year into the graduate scheme, Kyle is working alongside the rest of his team to develop future solutions. If you’d ask Kyle why he likes to work at Airbus he’d say:

“Working at Airbus CyberSecurity always provides me with interesting and new challenges every day. I love working in a place where the work I do actually matters.”

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