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Cyber Security Software Engineer

Jack Betts

“Working here at Airbus CyberSecurity is challenging and unique. I wanted a job with room to grow and develop as a software engineer and 3 years later I am still very happy working here. As we expand and grow as a business I can only see good things ahead of me.”

What is a Cyber Security Software Engineer ?

Unlike roles like the Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst, an integrator in software engineering land is a little different. In short, integration involves taking all the software created by the development team and ensuring that it properly integrates with the chosen platforms. This consists of detailed testing, behavioural analysis of the software (does it work as we expect?), functional analysis (does the code operate correctly and follow all applicable rules?) and occasionally some development work.

What are the super powers required?

Short answer is ‘determination’ and ‘attention to detail’. There will be problems that can take days if not weeks to solve. These are problems that most of the time Google cannot help you with. You will have to work through code you have not written or understanding an architecture you did not design. Over time you will gain a system wide understanding of how our products operate and this in itself could be viewed as a ‘superpower’ internally.

How did Jack Betts become a Cyber Security Software Engineer ?

Jack got his BSc Hons in Computer Games Development, it is like software engineering but your application has to model a virtual world in 1/60th of a second. He then worked as a research assistant in Artificial Intelligence for a few years while teaching at a university. He worked closely with the computer security lecturers and found that line of work fascinating and after a change of career he chose cyber security.

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