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Cyber Security Integrator

Marie Mion

“At the beginning, I was not sure what company to intern for, but at the end of the day, Airbus had projects that really appealed to me. I was given the opportunity to work on several projects and with a range of clients. Within my team, we see a lot of things, share all sorts of ideas but we’re not stuck in the same routine. This is what I think makes you stay. I had a Jedi Master who helped me get a foot on the ladder; taught me what I was supposed to do and how I was supposed to do it. I was able to learn and progress significantly thanks to my team. Now I am the one who assists the newcomers.”

What is a Cyber Security Integrator ?

As a Solution Integrator, you are in charge of integrating multi-layered security solutions, in support of the “Defence in Depth” principle. This is done in tandem with Security Architects and SOC Analysts: you should understand architecture that can sometimes be complex, in order to identify potential weaknesses and adapt.  

Being a Cyber Security Integrator equally means participating in creating  innovative detection and investigation solutions.  

Your role is also to take care of technical documentation such as test plan, installation, administration and user documentation.

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity, you can apply your skills in these roles: Host Protection, Identity Access Management, Cloud and Big Data, Network Security… and more!   

What are the super powers required?

You like to ask questions but also are well-versed in active listening?  Both are great qualities of an Integrator looking to understand the clients’ needs.

Your communication skills are key to this job, as well as your sensitiveness to quality.

Of course you also need to have a good knowledge of CyberDefence products e.g. SIEM, Splunk, QRadar, IDS, vulnerability Scanner etc. And also use script languages such as Bash and Python. 

Working at Airbus CyberSecurity means working with integrity and strong values. This is what makes our teams successful! 

How did Marie Mion become a Cyber Security Integrator ?

Marie started her studies in an Engineering university in France: IT Engineering is nice, but IT Security Engineering is more interesting!

To prepare for her Masters Diploma, she started by doing an internship in a French Defence Institution before joining Airbus CyberSecurity for a 6 months internship. After stints of working on Host protection and then Cloud environments, she is now working as a CyberDefence integrator – mainly on supervision tools. If you ask her why she chose to stay, she would tell you that it never gets boring around here!

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