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The need for CyberResilience in industrial environments

Every hour of the day, seven days a week, machines on production lines in Airbus factories across the world are running, assembling components and completing aircraft. Thanks to the increased digitalisation of the shop floor environment, production rates have improved. But while this has delivered enormous benefits, it has also opened the door to a new breed of cyber-attackers.

Airbus is a global industrial player and aircraft manufacturer with the highest requirements for safety and security. To face new security challenges within the manufacturing industry, at Airbus CyberSecurity, we developed a more comprehensive approach which builds the necessary bridges between IT and OT.

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”The core of our offering is SOC 4.0, a comprehensive IT and OT SOC. As part of SOC 4.0, we developed use-cases tailored to industrial assets and established OT specific incident response processes.”

Tobias Kiesling – Head of CyberSecurity Consulting Germany at Airbus CyberSecurity


Cyber security lies at the heart of digitally transformed industries. Over the last years, we, therefore, implemented multiple cyber security solutions including state-of-the-art tools and tailored security processes.

“The experience in defending our systems gives Airbus CyberSecurity a unique insight in understanding the security threats and vulnerabilities faced by industrial customers.”

Falk Lindner, Lead Industrial Cyber Security Architect at Airbus Commercial Aircraft


The variety of our OT expertise enables us to support many different types of customers at both low and advanced maturity stages and enables us to adapt our services to their specific business’ needs.

Our protection beyond the aviation industry

Thanks to our industrial roots and a rich heritage in the design, build and integration of complex interconnected defence systems and secured communications, we provide cyber security solutions to identify, protect, detect and respond to cyber-attacks.

“Many industries do not have the specific infrastructure and capabilities to manage their cyber security programme entirely on their own. With our comprehensive industrial cyber security services and solutions, our long-term experience in safety and security as well as our specific DNA in Defence and Industry, we support Airbus and other industry peers. With a trusted partnership approach, we help our customers to assess, implement and manage the security measures to meet their business needs.”

Jörg Schuler, Head of Portfolio and Strategy IT/OT CyberSecurity Services at Airbus CyberSecurity

Our IT/OT SOCs operate 24/7 across Europe to provide constant monitoring to our customers. In addition, we offer consulting services tailored to our customers´ needs where our experts support them at all stages of their cyber security journey. Find out more information on our comprehensive IT/OT SOC offering on our whitepaper:

Based on our heritage within aviation, transportation, defence, space, manufacturing and critical infrastructure, we are well equipped to operate in a highly regulated, global and complex business environment. Operating on a 24/7 basis, our cyber security solutions can be adapted to the customer’s specific requirements. Airbus continues to invest heavily in developing our cyber security solutions to ensure that we provide the best defence possible against current and future cyber threats.

We can help your organisation by providing the right services to meet the business demands and manage the risks with a complete solution.

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AIRBUS CYBERSECURITY IS YOUR PARTNER for continuous CyberResilience.

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