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Penetration Test

Why do you need penetration tests?

  • “Cyber Incidents” represent one of the world’s greatest business risks and are not considered as theoretical threats. In the IT Penetration Test we offer, a realistic simulation of a “hacker attack” can be carried out
  • Risk analysis of cyber-attacks are often only carried out on the basis of theoretical assessments. The implementation of a Penetration Test is an ideal supplement to enable a real measurement of the resistance capability of the IT environment. Once the vulnerability is confirmed and based on these findings, a realistic risk assessment will be made.
  • We offer advanced Know-How within different environments such as IT, OT, Platform Security

IT Penetration Test can cover from end user endpoint to onpremise/ cloud infrastructure

Purple Team is the result of the collaboration between the Blue Team and the Red Team and simulate Advanced Persistent Threats(APT).

We offer the following IT Penetration Tests

We also offer Social Engineering Penetration Tests by taking on the role of cyber attackers and test your IT security culture. Our planned and targeted attacks test the information security behaviour of your employees and expose the methods of cyber criminals before they can attack. 

What makes us different

  • Experience in protecting critical infrastructure 
  • All auditors have several years of experience in Penetration Testing 
  • International team based in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Spain 
  • Information Systems Security Auditor Provider (PASSI) Qualification in France 
  • Successful Capture-The-Flag Team (Defence Offence Team), taking part in well-known competitions and constantly facing new challenges