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Airbus CyberSecurity have a range of offerings to ensure your networks are protected including network segregation, trusted infrastructure, system integration and identity and access management. All primarily based around encryption, key management and secure exchange gateway technology.

Products and Services Overview

High Grade Encryption

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Secure Key Management Solutions

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Secure Exchange Gateway (SEG)

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High Grade Encryption

Our cryptographic network security range is market leading. Our Ectocryp family of cryptography products and services provide a new generation of encryption devices at the forefront of cryptographic technology.

Easy to use, with remote management, Ectocryp ensures voice, data and video communication is secure using high-grade encryption solutions and a range of reprogrammable platforms.

Our solutions provide ‘UK Top Secret’ level secure connectivity, with simple integration and no need for costly implementation of private infrastructure or equipment. Airbus CyberSecurity forms long lasting relationships with its customers and provides 24/7 365 days a year support from SMEs located in the UK.

Depending on your requirements, you may choose from the following options:

Ectocryp BLUE 1Gb/s IP Crypto

The core product in the Ectocryp family, Ectocryp Blue is now available with PRIME Suite A capability. Fully CAPS certified by the NCSC (the UK’s national technical authority for information assurance), this very flexible crypto is fully interoperable with ECTOCRYP Yellow and other PRIME networks and has been developed for the highest levels of security for Defence and Government.

Ectocryp YELLOW 100Mb/s IP Crypto

The next stage in Airbus’ sovereign UK cryptographic development, Ectrocryp Yellow is a low-cost, portable desktop variant that provides flexible and affordable protection against cyber threats. It utilises PRIME Suite A for data protection up to Top Secret level and is fully CAPS certified by the NCSC.

Ectocryp BLACK Secure Voice Gateway

The most comprehensive option, Ectocryp Black offers high-capacity, secure voice encryption that can protect sensitive conversations without sacrificing usability. It has been certified to TOP SECRET level by the NCSC and is the first UK-designed crypto device to ever achieve US Type 1 certification.

Support Services for Ectocryp Family
  • 24/7 Helpdesk
  • Products Support – Technical Telephone Support/Engineer to Site Support
  • Repair/Replacement Program
  • Protective Monitoring & Reporting from our 24/7 Security Operations Centre
  • ISO27001 security standard accredited organisation

Secure Key Management Solutions

Our Secure Key Management Solution has been developed by experienced cyber experts to generate, manage and distribute cryptographic keys for implementation into individual storage devices.

This ensures the integrity of your removable media devices and their connected networks, preventing compromising activities from unauthorised threat actors while maintaining the highest possible protection of encrypted data and minimising the risk of threats to an organisation’s safety or security.

Our solution has been successfully implemented on a variety of platforms with innovative delivery devices. Please contact us to find out more information about these projects and how our expertise can be applied to your needs.

Secure Exchange Gateway (SEG)

Our Secure Exchange Gateway is a multi-layer exchange gateway for secure information to be transferred between networks with different classification levels.

Developed in cooperation with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), our Secure Exchange Gateway maintains classification levels using filters for http/https, XML and email (SMTP).

The transfer of sensitive information between networks within military, government, organisations and critical national infrastructure is becoming increasingly common. Therefore, securing the data exchanged within both IT and OT networks is more critical than ever before.

Our BSI-accredited secure exchange gateway allows automated data exchange at varying classification levels without unauthorised loss of information. This bidirectional and modular solution uses standard or project-specific filters at application level to guarantee that only authorised information leaves or enters your IT network.

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Our CymID solution provides Identity Access Management (IAM) and Sigle Sign On (SSO) to secure connections to your applications and systems.

CymID integration model allows us to offer an IAM and SSO scalable solution tailored for small and medium sized information companies with a progressive price starting from the first user. CymID features IAM, provisioning, SSO, strong authentication and centralised access management in an efficient solution which helps reduce complexity and prevent security breaches.

CymID enables simple and innovative biometric authentication that provides secure access to applications and systems, delivered through a mobile application.

  • Authentication by facial, vocal, behavioural (typing dynamic on PC, fast signature on smartphone) and digital (fingerprints) recognition
  • Optimal level of security configuration and centralised access management
  • Ready-to-use solution which can be seamlessly integrated into your information systems
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Stormshield Network Security

Stormshield, a fully-owned subsidiary of Airbus CyberSecurity, offers innovative end-to-end security solutions to protect digital infrastructures against modern and ever-evolving threats.

Stormshield solves two main customer questions: how do we embrace digital transformation and cloud adoption while maintaining peace of mind, and how can we efficiently secure our IT assets when cyber threats are less and less predictable?

Stormshield offers innovative end-to-end solutions that address these challenges. These trusted next-generation solutions are certified at the highest level in Europe (EU Restricted, NATO Restricted, Common Criteria EAL3+/EAL4+) and ensure the protection of strategic information in businesses of all sizes, government institutions and defense organisations worldwide.

  • With Stormshield Network Security, organisations can assure the same level of protection for physical, virtual, cloud-based or industrial networks. By using the same administration tools and firewalling technologies, they can smoothly and securely migrate and interconnect their extended infrastructures.
  • With Stormshield Data Security, organisations can protect their sensitive information shared on any device (workstations, mobile devices, servers) and any application, including cloud-based applications like Microsoft Office365 or DropBox. The solution is fully integrated with the applications for a transparent usage.
  • With Stormshield Endpoint Security, organisations benefit from next-generation endpoint protection. This signature-less and behavior-based technology, massively deployed by defense-grade organisations, has proven its ability to proactively block unknown threats.

Stormshield solutions are built upon the unique concept of Multi-Layer Collaborative Security. This holistic model reinforces the level of protection for IT, OT and Cloud infrastructures and represents the future of in-depth information system defense.

Stormshield is available to businesses of all sizes, critical national infrastructure, plus governmental and military organisations. It is accessible via a network of selected resellers and distributors, certified integrators and trusted Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

Visit the Stormshield website