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Vulnerability Research

Search for security vulnerabilities in your software solutions and materials

  • Build an understanding of how your products will fare against experienced and determined attackers
  • Identify latent vulnerabilities within your products
  • Understand the best measures to take in order to address these vulnerabilities effectively

Our expertise in vulnerability research



Technical Skills

  • Reverse engineering, compiling and interpretation of code Retro-engineering of proprietary protocols
  • “Fuzzing”, emulation and symbolic execution
  • Kernel and user vulnerabilities search
  • Hardware hacking
  • OS: Windows, Linux, VxWorks and others Architecture: x86, x64, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC

Business areas

  • Security products: antivirus, IDS, EDR, etc.
  • Proprietary products: remote administration tools, virtualisation solutions, collaborative platforms, etc.
  • Embedded systems: IoT, WiFi and Bluetooth chipsets, cameras, access control, etc.
  • Industrial systems: ICS, SCADA, PLC and GTB
  • Products developed internally

Benefits of services

  • An estimate of the level of trust and maturity of your product
  • Overview on unknown vulnerabilities (0-day)
  • An analysis of existing and undocumented vulnerabilities (1-day)
  • The development of proof of exploitation
  • Remediation and detection proposals: IoC, signatures, patch

Qualitative deliverables

  • A report describing the actions taken and the results obtained
  • A demonstration of the vulnerabilities exploitation
  • A proposal to follow the life-cycle of the product through ongoing vulnerability research in new or updated versions

Airbus CyberSecurity : the best choice for protecting your software and hardware

  • 850 specialists covering all cyber skills
  • 10 years of experience and continual improvements
  • A trusted partner of military and critical national infrastructure, governments and Airbus
  • 24/7 active assistance, 365 days a year


Methodology of vulnerability research

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