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Airbus CyberSecurity will help you anticipate potential threats through our Cyber Threat Intelligence services. Receive early-warning signals on upcoming attacks in order to detect, analyse and respond to cyber-attacks faster. CTI is complemented by our CyberRange training and simulation platform which trains your teams in the fundamentals of cyber security proficiency in crisis situations.

Products and Services Overview


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Cyber Threat Intelligence

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Training and simulation platform

Designed as a simulation centre, this platform replicates a realistic cyber environment in which cyber teams are trained in crisis management. It also allows you to test and evaluate the security capabilities of your products.

Cyber risks are innumerable and always evolving, and critical infrastructures, public institutions and other infrastructures are always in the scope of attack/attackers. Under the motto of: ‘Learning by doing’, we propose to train your cyber team on critical incident response, risk analysis and forensic analysis; in order to match the current climate of cyber risk to IT/OT infrastructures.

With our training and exercising platform, your teams will acquire the fundamentals of cyber security proficiency in crisis situation. The platform can also be used to examine your security products in a test environment, through simulation of attacks (Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS), phishing, hybrid scenarios (virtual and physical) on OT and IT systems, etc.).

Customer Benefits

  • Hybrid environment modelling IT / OT infrastructure
  • Modular environment of pre-equipped Defensive Computer Wrestling
  • Catalogue of network, web, application, etc. attacks
  • Intuitive interface to exercise management and replay scenarios
  • Train your teams: Blue Team, Cyber Challenges, Ethical Hacking IT and ICS
  • Test and evaluate the capabilities of your security products
  • Improve your cyber defence posture through automated attack and defend scenarios

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Collect, analyse, disseminate

Protecting a company against cyber-attacks involves all stakeholders within the organisation. We at Airbus CyberSecurity have therefore developed a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) service that enables knowledge-sharing for better decision-making. Our CTI solution also facilitates cost-optimisation of the operational teams.

Airbus CyberSecurity’s CTI constantly monitors more than 130 Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) groups and gives our partners and customers early-warning signals on incoming attacks in order to properly prepare counter-measures in protecting themselves and reducing attack impact.

Cyber Threat Executive Report
We provide customised quarterly reports on APTs for the CIOs and CISOs in your organisation. These reports provide the insight required to facilitate strategic decision-making and the intelligence needed to implement the right security policies for your organisation and in accordance to unique business needs.

Cyber Advanced Threat Description Feed
Airbus CyberSecurity offers a a visibility platform that shows the latest cyber-attacks and results of analysis carried out by our CTI team on more than 130 APT groups. The aim of this intelligence is ultimately to provide a link between technical indicators and context elements (TTP, motivations etc.). The information from the feed is depicted in a standard format that makes it easily digestible. This information is also utilised by your SOC / CERT / CSIRT / CTI analysts.

Rules and Signatures Detection
Delivered in a standard/easily digestible format that facilitates integration into current market security products (agnostic). Our rules and signatures feeds also contain the technical elements needed to detect network, system and log-level threats.

Marker qualification and provided context-elements allow efficient detection and a rapid reaction to APT threats.

Customer Benefits

  • Anticipation of potential threats targeting your company or its vertical
  • Recommendations for security-posture strengthening and better decision-making
  • Maintenance of equipment in detection condition
  • Optimisation of operational costs