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Secure Collaborative Intelligent Industrial Assets (SeCoIIA)

SeCoIIA project

  • SeCoIIA aims at securing the digital transition of the manufacturing industry towards more connected, collaborative, flexible and automated production techniques 
  • Enhanced process monitoring, optimisation and control is achieved by intelligent use digital twin technology, Industrial IoT, Cloud Manufacturing (CMfg), collaborative robotics and Industrial AI

With 4 large strategic industry players, 4 highly innovative SMEs and 4 highly recognised research centres, 16 key capabilities, 12 partners from Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands, SeCoIIA consortium is best suited to achieve enhanced competitiveness and resilience for European manufacturing industry.


  • The transition from hierarchised supply chains to collaborative networks of smart factories opens an attack surface so far never reached. Manufacturing operators are untrained to the manipulation of vulnerable cyber-physical assets. The deployment of smart
    sensors over distributed shop floors requires time-sensitive communication security measures
  • Enhanced collaboration on manufacturing activities may not safely apply without collaborative security monitoring and incident response
  • The increased reliance on machine-learning based decision making sets a technical challenge in terms of security assurance and a legal challenge in terms of accountability and law enforcement



Secure the adoption of smart collaborative manufacturing techniques by European Transport Systems Manufacturing Industries


Identify and prevent threats to collaborative manufacturing environments, build, sustain and exchange smart OT security knowledge and know-how


Create trust across smart manufacturing value chain, secure access to dynamic collaborative Cloud Manufacturing (CMfg) services


Detect and react in collaboration, improve OT intrusion detection accuracy, reduce decision time and response cost, improve coordination of safety and security teams


Empower and responsibilise key actors of the manufacturing value chain, secure machine decision making, adapt regulatory framework and enforce the law

16 Key Capabilities

The key capabilities enable to enforce the security of production systems on:

Application sectors

Aerospace use case


IIoT deployment and collaborative robotics
  • Real time data collection on roboshave, autoclave and gap guns of Tablada, San Pablo and Cádiz plants
  • AI analytics for improved process monitoring, optimisation and control
  • Involvement of collaborative robots to support human operators in shop floor logistics


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871967

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