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SAFEguard of Critical heAlth infrastructuRE

Integrated cyber-physical security for health services 



The lines between the physical and cyber world are becoming increasingly blurred as the IoT takes off and digital connections become omnipresent. In areas where this is not currently the case, physical intrusion may break down barriers. Threats can no longer be analysed solely as physical or cyber and it is therefore critical to develop an integrated approach in order to fight against such a combination of threats. Health services are among the most critical infrastructure, and most vulnerable. 


Bringing together the most advanced technologies from the physical and cyber security spheres, SAFECARE aims to deliver high-quality, innovative and cost-effective solutions in system security. These solutions focus on mitigating cyber-physical threats and incidents and their interconnections and potential cascading effects.


Our role in the project

  • ACT as project technical coordinator 
  • LEAD in cyber security solutions taking into account the whole eco-system of a hospital including IT networks, OT infrastructure (medical devices) and Building Management System (BMS)
  • PROVIDE the interconnection of Orion Malware with the Stormshield Network Security (SNS) firewall, the Suricata NIDS and the Forescout’s sensor, an OT intrusion detection sensor
  • CARRY OUT the integration of an impact propagation model with Cymerius security hypervisor and visualise the potential effective cascades of an attack
  • INTEGRATE all the solutions into our CyberRange virtual environment
  • SIMULATE SAFECARE designed cyber-physical scenarios of threats
  • ENABLE the investigation of zero-day attacks based on artificial intelligence
  • ADDRESS OT vulnerabilities in hospitals and combined physical and cyber security incidents to assess the propagation of any impact in a critical infrastructure
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 787002. This output reflects the views only of the author(s), and the European Union cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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