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Quantum Overarching System Architecture Concepts (QOSAC)

Building a secure Quantum Communication Infrastructure in the European Union

Considering the looming quantum threat to cyber security, a ‘Declaration of Cooperation’ with the European Commission has been signed to explore the development of a secure Quantum Communication Infrastructure (QCI).

The goal is to ensure the Union’s capacity to cope with tomorrow’s cyber security challenges and keep its governments, institutions, critical infrastructure, industries and citizens, safe and secure.

The European Commission has recently launched a “Study on the System Architecture of a Quantum Communication Infrastructure” with the objective to: 

  • Provide public actors across Europe with means to protect their critical communications by using quantum-secured communication channels
  • Start building a quantum internet network that would allow the complete transfer of quantum information and thus more applications beyond the field of security
  • Kick-start a European ecosystem in quantum technologies


What are the project’s benefits?

The QCI’s first function will be to allow an ultra-secure quantum key distribution

A combination of terrestrial and space implementation of quantum-based communication infrastructure can guarantee security of digital transactions. Over short and long distances ideally covering both the EU and other continents


Our role in the project

Our experts are involved in the Security and Risks pillars in both classical and quantum perspectives as well as the OSA Design. The objectives are to define Quantum Communication Infrastructure (QCI) security gains and ensure a secured by design system:

  1. State of the art analysis on QCI security services
  2. Architecture risk analysis Overarching System Architecture (OSA)
  3. Definition of QCI security gains
  4. Security for Overarching System Architecture (OSA)

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