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IoT Security

Protect your Internet of Things (IoT) network with an end-to-end security solution, supplied independently from network providers :


  • Secure all IoT systems, including low-power devices 
  • Enhance the security constraints of communication channels
  • Manage your heterogeneous fleet of IoT devices
  • Individually authenticate each of your unique devices

A full IoT cyber security suite that ensures data protection, integrity, and privacy for companies transmitting sensitive information over LPWAN using battery driven sensors

This solution enables thorough security over untrusted networks (such as HTTPS) for IoT protocols, that usually represent a challenge for essential security updates or maintenance due to their strong energy constraints.


Our IoT Solutions

  • High grade security for all devices (ex. LPWAN)
  • Lower your security spending
  • Highly scalable: Patented authentication mechanism and key distribution system
  • Hardware independent: No need for specific hardware
  • Platform independent: No dependencies with cloud providers
  • Creation of unique, non-modifiable and non-hackable fingerprints for each IoT device and authenticate them, allowing for the constraints of LPWAN networks (e.g. LoRaWAN, Sigfox)
  • End-to-end IoT security, from device to application via relay antennas
  • Strategic data storage with the unique identification fingerprint of your devices

We protect all the value chain of IoT with encryption and authentication:



We also offer solutions to:

  • Secure your LPWAN
  • Protect your fleet of heterogeneous IoT with CymID end-to-end IoT Security


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