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ICT Infrastructure for Connected and Automated Road Transport (ICT4CART)

ICT4CART aims to combine, adapt and improve technological advances from the telecommunication, automotive and IT industries. A connected future for automated driving inorder to design, implement and test an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure in real life conditions to enable the transition towards road transport automation.


Project scope

  • High-value use cases, demonstrated and validated under real-life conditions
  • Secure hybrid communication approach where all the major wireless technologies are integrated under a flexible “sliced” network architecture
  • Distributed IT environment for data aggregation and analytics that offers seamless integration and exchange of data between actors from 3 different industries (telecom, automotive, IT)



Identify the most reliable and effective functional and technical connectivity requirements for higher levels of automation


Implement and test a standards-based distributed IT environment for data aggregation, to collect and manage all data regarding driver, vehicle, vulnerable road users and infrastructure


Implement cyber security, data protection and privacy mechanisms according to EU policy


Improve localisation by combining information from different sources and adapting existing tools and algorithms for data fusion


Validate and demonstrate the ICT infrastructure architecture through use cases and test sites


Create new business models and market services for the innovative use of cross-sector data

To achieve these objectives, ICT4CART is bringing together 21 partners from 9 European countries across automotive, telecom and IT industries with a united vision to build a sustainable future for connected and automated vehicles. Four specific high-value use-cases will be demonstrated and validated under real-life conditions in Austria, Germany Italy and at the Italian-Austrian border.

Our role in the project

Our main role in the ICT4CART project is to develop cyber security and data privacy solutions for connected automated vehicles with a high level of automation (up to 4). The proposed solutions comply with existing EU standards and regulations to be adopted by most of car manufacturers.

To provide privacy and access control in the connected and automated driving environment, we develop a role-based identity and access manager ensuring the secure communication of Intelligent Transport Systems and authorised as well as legitimate access to cloud services and road-side units.

In ICT4CART, we also propose to bring cyber security situational awareness on deployed systems through a supervision centre. It assesses and reports vulnerabilities of large vehicle fleets and smart objects. It also monitors anomalies at the level of the authentication layer by collecting and correlating logs from the identity and access manager and the intelligent transport systems.

These two solutions will be demonstrated in real life conditions on German and Italian test sites through use-cases such as smart parking and lane merging.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 768953.


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