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Fine-grained Access Control and Encryption Technology (FACET)

FACET is the unique solution that enables encryption  using multiple security policies to be applied within a document to allow sharing across communities.

There is increasing momentum and pressure on organisations to move from local storage of documents to cloud storage both to reduce the cost of maintaining internal data centres and to increase collaboration. This includes the increased use of thin (browser based) clients for document creation and editing.  While the financial and collaboration benefits of such a move are clear, there continue to be security issues associated with the need to encrypt data for commercial confidentiality, regulatory or national security reasons. 

Even though many commercial users rely on cloud based editing and storage solutions to encrypt their documents, the security sensitive organisations such as Airbus and government departments need more control over the encryption and sharing of their information. In addition they want seamless solutions that do not place onerous security procedures on their employees potentially leading to security breaches.  


How FACET will help you keep your data secure

Compared to other end user file encryption approaches, FACET requires minimal infrastructure and ongoing management. FACET can even be used off-line without the need to access a key server and once the system is deployed, providing a much stronger access control mechanism.

Security sensitive organisations are struggling to use cloud services and share information, but they can’t control the encryption keys needed to protect their data.
  • FACET encrypts data based on flexible security policies generating keys locally
  • FACET decryption keys can only be generated by users whose credentials match the data security policy
Today’s document security systems only operate at the file level so in some cases multiple versions of documents need to be created for different audiences.
  • FACET allows different security policies for each paragraph, image, or block of text in a document
  • FACET allows a single document to be created allowing partners to see only those parts of the document they are entitled to see
Current systems rely on management servers for user management and distribute keys in real time, which limits scalability and is a single point of failure/attack.
  • FACET has no central server, only a client application and user credential. It is fully scalable and more secure
  • FACET allows users to generate keys as required, so there is no complex key distribution or storage
  • FACET integrated access control with encryption providing fine grained control that is as strong as the encryption


Sharing data with only those who need to know

The solution provides fine grained access control as an additional layer over and above existing controls and fully under the control of the end user organisation. As a result, it enhances sharing possibilities and removes the need to create multiple documents with slightly differing content for different audiences.

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