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In cyber security, continuous innovation is essential to stay at the forefront of cyber expertise. At Airbus CyberSecurity we are leading this drive forward and are involved in almost 30 research and innovation projects making us one of the most innovative cyber teams at a European Level. It enables us to develop our products and services to deliver resilient, agile and dependable cyber security to protect, detect and respond to increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks 24/7 for our customers.

Our position in the first line of defence and rich heritage in the design, build and integration of complex inter-connected defence systems and secure communications, gives us a unique role to play in the rapid evolution of our digital environment.


”Our mission is to secure the strategic systems of tomorrow such as Factories of the Future (FoF), smart utilities and smart grids, Future Combat Systems and EU Digital Infrastructure. We do this by developing a panel of 30 key capabilities set in a 6 years roadmap to address 4 cross cutting challenges: Secure Connectivity, Virtualisation, Cognification and Autonomy. Our skills range from advanced cryptography to pentesting, cyber-physical system engineering, data science and quantum technologies.” Adrien Bécue – Head of Innovation and R&T


Our Innovation projects encompass but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Cognitive SOC
  • ML-based malware analysis
  • IoT authentication
  • Security/Safety risk analysis
  • Cyber-physical security & situational awareness
  • Cyber-resilient Factory of the Future
  • Security of Collaborative Intelligent Industrial Assets
  • Security of Air Transport Infrastructure
  • Security of UAS
  • Fine-grained Access Control and Encryption
  • Adversarial Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security Simulation and Training


We are involved in some of the following Innovation projects:


Artificial Intelligence


Our AI improves the performance of defensive solutions More info


Cyber safe transport within the European Union More info


Cyber security competence network for research and innovation More info


Cyber-Resilience mechanism for Factories of the Future More info


Cloud-based cyber security simulation and training platform to improve cyber-attack simulation capacities, improve SOC operators’ preparedness More info
AI-enhanced cyber-situational awareness More info
Fine-grained Access Control and Encryption Technique for cloud security More info

Development of a federated CyberRange solution

More info
Connected car cyber security More info
IoT Security
Protect your Internet of Things (IoT) network with an end-to-end security solution More info
Protocols and Light Cryptographic Algorithms for the IoT More info
Security architecture of EU Quantum Communication Infrastructure More info
Integrated cyber-physical security for health services  More info
Threat analysis and vulnerability research on connected car equipments More info
Protecting critical air transport infrastructures e.g. airports against combined cyber-physical threats More info
Enhancing security and safety for collaborative manufacturing More info



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