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Industrial Cyber Security

How safe is your IT, Industrial Infrastructure and Industrial Control System? Does it meet the future requirements of your company?

OT Security Solutions‎

At Airbus CyberSecurity, we accompany you on the transformational journey towards digitalisation by supporting with the planning, implementation and the continuous update of the security measures put in place for the monitoring of your OT and ICS systems. This approach we believe is the required base for the next steps in digitalisation, and therefore the further transformation towards industry 4.0.

You also benefit from the many years of experience of our experts in critical OT (Operational Technology) environments. Our OT Security Services and Solutions are also tailored to your exact requirements.

Thanks to digitalization, the efficiency of production and control systems is constantly increasing, as the direct communication between systems is also increasing.
We at Airbus CyberSecurity, are convinced that efficient production and innovative ways of working is only possible in a secure environment. To better protect Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Systems, we offer different modular services and solutions that have been tried and tested in our own very demanding manufacturing environment.

We divide these solutions in three areas and with the following benefits:

    Analyze: Actionable recommendations are issued based on deep analysis of vulnerability and risks to OT systems

    Protect: Development and implementation of a tailored OT Cyber Security strategy that fits your organisation’s infrastructure

    Manage: Continuous monitoring and updating of your security actions through our Managed Security Services

Get an overview here about our products and services.

OT Security products and services

Why we are different:

  • Long-term experience in implementing and operating security concepts in sensitive areas with an agnostic approach whilst following best practice
  • Industry-specific know-how for critical and complex infrastructure and manufacturing environments
  • Integral and integrated service and technology solutions from Airbus and its partners, flexibly adapted to your requirements

We offer:

We accompany you on your way to the better protection of your OT environment, whilst reducing complexities and letting you concentrate on your core tasks. 

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