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Digital Risk Protection

Our Digital Risk Protection (DRP) solution protects against external threats and continually identifies where your assets are exposed whilst providing sufficient context to understand the risk and options for remediation.

Unwanted exposure leads to digital risks

Every organisation is becoming more interconnected with their supply chain, customers and partners. As a result the data they seek to protect increasingly becomes exposed. This exposure presents more opportunities to adversaries who understand how to leverage and manipulate an organisation’s digital footprint. Adversaries make use of breached employee credentials to perform account takeovers, imitate your brand to target employees and customers as well as exploit vulnerabilities in your expanding attack surface.

The need for digital risk protection

Unmanaged, an organisation’s exposure to cyber-attacks can lead to regulatory fines, damaged reputation, loss of intellectual property and reduces your competitive advantage. Security leaders rely on their teams to protect against these risks, but their limited visibility outside their perimeter means they fall short of communicating the full risk landscape to the business. Digital Risk Protection reduces risks that emerge from digital transformation, protecting against the unwanted exposure of an organisation’s data, brand and attack surface as well as providing actionable insights on threats from the open, deep, and dark web.

A managed service enables you to minimise your digital risk by detecting data loss, securing your online brand and reducing your attack surface. Unrivalled coverage, expertise and relevance makes our DRP Solution the leading solution. A powerful, easy-to-use search engine that combines structured technical data with content from the open, deep, and dark web. The powerful syntax and configurable alerts enable you to quickly investigate security incidents and identify adversaries targeting your business and brand.

Minimise your digital risk by detecting data loss, securing your online brand and reducing your attack surface:
Identify unwanted exposure
Protect against external threats
Reduce digital risk

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