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Deceptive Security

Organisations’ information systems are increasingly being exposed to cyber attacks, intrusion attempts and sophisticated malware. In order to combat those risks, we provide a deceptive security tool – a HoneyPot – that helps investigate the motivations, equipment and methods of attackers while preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your legitimate information systems.

The tool lures attackers towards artificial information systems, slowing them down and giving you time to alert your SOC as well as gather information about the attack. This not only helps to uncover new attacks, but also enriches the defences of your legitimate information systems in a cycle of continuous improvement for your security.

Our deceptive security services fulfilled three essential functions


by directing the attacker to the decoys and the HoneyPot


by alerting your SOC in the instance of intrusions or threats


by collecting information on the aggressor to adapt the response

In order to address a variety of risks and situations, we deliver our deceptive security services on premise through our CyberRange mobile platform, directly in your infrastructure or via the cloud.

Strengthen your detection capabilities by adding an extra layer of cyber security through the combination of digital decoys, traps and breadcrumbs. Enhance both your reaction speed and capacity to face an intrusion or cyber attack. Our Deceptive Security services generate qualitative information and may capture new kinds of threats that have never been observed before.

Enhance your SOC capacity by adding an extra layer of cyber security, alerting your SOC through a simple and quick communication in the instance of an intrusion or cyber attack. Deceptive services help to improve incident response and facilitate investigations.


The technologies used in our HoneyPot solution enable us to create hyper-realistic decoy information systems that are fully representative of your legitimate systems. Our HoneyPot notably uses bots to simulate activity on duplicate systems as well as machine learning for a continuous reinforcement of its capacity to detect potential threats.

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