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A solution designed to meet the challenges faced by SOC teams.

Cymerius is a security incident response tool used by teams in the Security Operations Centre (SOC). It allows you to collect security alerts from different detectors in a unified interface, to perform sorting and analysis by combining the work of computers and humans to manage the response to the security incident. Whilst respecting the standards and procedures defined by the organisation  by orchestrating the different security tools.

Faster incident response

The extent of damage caused by security incidents depends largely on the response time. 

In case of an attack, Cymerius facilitates the response to an incident by:

  • A real-time, direct and consolidated view of the IT system security level from multiple sources and vendors
  • Prioritisation of incidents in accordance with the client’s security policies
  • Collaboration between the different security operators
  • Assessment of the impact on the organisation’s operations
  • Individual reaction procedures for each actor with automated and/or manual actions to immediately counter attacks
  • Automatic incident recording and archiving of incident response information for investigation teams

Positioning and role of Cymerius

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