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Highlight vulnerabilities, monitor systems and detect intrusions with SOC Services from Airbus CyberSecurity. Design and build a Security Operations Center (SOC) using a provider who understands your business and works in partnership with you.

Products and Services Overview

SOC Services

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Keelback Host

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Orion Malware

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SOC Services

Our SOC service is an adaptable solution that gives your organisation enhanced protection. Organisations are increasingly becoming targets for cyber threat actors to attack and disrupt in a number of ways including stealing data, ransom and to disrupt production.

Our capabilities include the following services:

SOC Design and Build – designing and implementing a security operating centre, including the testing and configurations of tools as well as the transition of security monitoring tools.

Protective Monitoring – log collection, aggregation and correlation by our SOC team.

Intrusion Monitoring – detecting intrusions, performing security analysis with our SOC team and arming prevention systems.

Malware Monitoring – detecting malware, analysing devices and conducting security analysis with our SOC team.

Vulnerability Monitoring – detecting vulnerable customer systems, including vulnerability scanning and regular reporting by a Service Delivery Manager.

APT Monitoring – detecting of advanced persistent threats (APT) in customer systems, including device management and security analysis by our SOC team.

Support Services

  • 24/7 Helpdesk
  • ISO27001 security standard accredited organisation
  • Products Support- Technical Telephone Support/Engineer to Site Support
  • Repair/Replacement Program

Customer Benefits

  • Customised design to your specific requirements
  • Scalable on demand options
  • Enhanced security
  • Expert monitoring
  • Expert support

Keelback Host

Enterprise-forensic solution

A mass forensic solution which operates on either part or the totality of your IT system. This solution is using comparative analysis to determine either the likelihood or the presence of an ongoing sophisticated attack.

Our team is able to detect 0 days, deviations or targeted attacks by using a dedicated comparative analysis tool and keeps total control of the collected metadata.

To be a solution that fit any customer, a dedicated non-resident agent is generated for you according to your specific needs and constraints.

Each list of collected metadata and storage locations are agreed with you prior to agent generation.

As we care about data protection, Keelback Host is designed to collect only relevant metadata for forensic analysis on the targeted machines: no files will be collected; mass forensic analysis is performed by Airbus CyberSecurity experts on dedicated laptops in restricted access forensic lab or on customer premises.

Customer Benefits

  • Time saving : simultaneous mass forensic on thousands of hosts
  • Controlled processes: customer deploys the agent and keeps a total control on the collected metadata and their transmission for analysis.
  • Efficiency and transparency: Keelback Host is a non-resident and non-intrusive agent; it is autonomous and transparent for the final user. Analysis of the collected metadata is made offline, with no impact on the end-user productiveness.

Orion Malware

Detect and define the advanced threats in your networks

Orion Malware is designed to detect sophisticated malwares in your network by combining the performance of Static analysis, Sandboxing and Machine learning.

Through its unique interface, Orion Malware provides SOC, CTI and Incident Response teams with advanced capabilities for qualifying emerging threats, investigating and responding through a tailor-made approach.

Orion Malware benefits from our latest threat intelligence materials so you always get the best of breed detection capabilities and latest contextual information about APT, malwares and ransomwares relying for instance on zero-day or advanced obfuscation technics.

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