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Cyber Incident Games

Play the role of a cyber attacker and plan your own cyber attack

Cyber Incident Games

Cyber Incident Games are training sessions for your employees who have only ever experienced IT/OT as users.

In the game, participants play the role of a cyber attacker, receive missions, and plan cyber attacks to compromise the IT infrastructure.

Different Cyber Incident Games – depending on your needs

Cyber Incident Games offer different IT infrastructures depending on the needs of the customer. A classic business network comprising of different elements – such as laptops, stationary workstations, a website – offers angles of attack for theft, phishing attempts or other insidious plans. A game plan is also available with an industrial infrastructure composed of not only production facilities, but also important production data.

Realistic Cyber Security Scenarios

The participants are free to choose how they complete their mission and what methods they use. Social engineering methods, malicious USB sticks or e-mail attachments can be used and, of course, combined.

The limits are endless in regards to criminal imagination and fun: the winner is the participant who develops the most insidious cyber attack and successfully completes the mission.

After the cyber attacks have been planned, the attack techniques used are analysed and IT security measures for defence are discussed. Here, the four dimensions of the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) – namely personnel, technology, organisation and infrastructure – play a special role.

This creates realistic situations to better detect vulnerabilities, risks and opportunities for attackers. This perception of the vulnerabilities, risks and opportunities in turn leads to faster initiation of security measures, and of course, also leads to the acceptance of measures that, from the user’s point of view, are perhaps more of a hindrance.

Cyber Incident Games increase IT/OT security awareness

Cyber Incident Games are used as a means to increase IT/OT security awareness and promote the target dimensions of perception, knowledge and safe behaviour. To achieve synergistic effects, Cyber Incident Games can be combined with other Airbus IT/OT security awareness measures. For example, a live hacking lecture could provide additional inspiration to participants for their own cyber attacks and protective measures.

Think about the scope and the extent that you would prefer when organising Cyber Incident Games with us!

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