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Webinar – CyberRange Demo for the Rail Sector- IT, OT and Rail

Join our webinar on June 3rd 2021, where we will present an exclusive CyberRange Demo for the rail sector – IT, OT and rail.

The rail sector is becoming a prime target for cyber-attackers, a picture echoed across all critical national infrastructure. Any industry player can be targeted from the train platform manufacturers right the way through to the train operating companies that move millions of people across Europe every year. Not forgetting the supply chain that supports the industry to deliver for its customers.

A CyberRange platform can help you manage your cyber security approach through network Digital Twinning and attack simulation capability enabling you to understand  where you can improve your defence against cyber threats.

The webinar will kick-off with an introduction to CyberRange Digital Twinning, and the benefits of creating Digital Twins for your business.  There will then be three Live demonstrations for IT, OT and rail, including a live hack – simulating a WannaCry attack showing how this attack is propagated to the entire network- as well as a simulation of an attack scenario on industrial protocol for oil and gas applications.

Speakers include: 

  • Mohammad Jbair – Airbus CyberSecurity OT Security Consultant
  • Ewin Cannet – Airbus CyberSecurity International Pre-Sales Manager

The webinar will be conducted in English and include a Q&A. 

To reserve your space, please click the link below. 

 Register here 

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