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Webinar – CyberFactory: How to make the Factory of the Future efficient and secure

As factories digitalise and adopt automation technologies, they unlock new business models, manufacturing processes and logistics methods – as well as alternative roles for the people and machines that work in the factory. At the same time, these processes result in more complex IT and OT systems, presenting novel cyber security challenges and potentially leading to dangerous new interdependencies. 

Based on early results from the European research project CyberFactory#1, our panel will discuss both the opportunities and challenges represented by the digitalisation and automation of factories, including what the transition towards a new factory system of systems may look like – but also the new threats that organisations may face if security and resilience are not prioritised early in the process.

The session will be moderated by Tim Stuchtey, Director at BIGS. 


  • Adrien Bécue, Head of Innovation, Airbus CyberSecurity, France and Project Leader CyberFactory#1
  • Jari Partanen, Head of Quality, Environment and Technology Management, Bittium, Finland and Task Leader CyberResilience
  • Irem Hilavin, Researcher, Vestel, Turkey and Work Package Leader Integration & Validation
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