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Network & Connect – Securing the Factory of the Future

Join the third online event of the series ‘Network & Connect’, run by Airbus CyberSecurity.

For 10 years, the awareness of OT or ICS security increased;  the application of security measures into industrial environments also continued to improve.

In the first talk Ben Worthy, OT practice lead, will give a brief overview on some aspects of the current state of OT security in industrial environments.

Also in state-of-the-art production systems, Digitisation, Industry 4.0 and Factory of the Future (FoF) concepts,  OT security is improving, which will change the landscape of industrial environments dramatically. In the second talk Matthias Glawe, Security Architect ICS and Fernando Guerrero, OT Security Expert will give you an impression on how these concepts will challenge OT security. The journey will continue to the actions and methods used to assess risks, understand them, identify misuse cases and design an architecture needed to mitigate those risks and extend the resilience of the FoF.

As a closing point, our CyberRange platform and the approaches we take to create Digital Twins of the FoF will be shown by Vincent SeruchHead of Consulting, CSIRT & OT Paris,  explaining also how its Simulation capabilities create the perfect scenario to work on the infrastructure, understand the risks threatening it, and also to perform realistic trainings as part of a visionary awareness program to protect the FoF.

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