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International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) 2020

Come and meet us at our both and assist to presentations of our portfolio and to live demos of our Artificial Intelligence, OT, ICS or SCADA capabilities. 

Thanks to our CyberRange, we will present our latest integrated application Orion Malware 3.4.0. Finally, you will be able to test on a realistic information system the cyber-defence capabilities of Stormshield. 

Come and join us at one of our events during the FIC 2020:

Technical Demonstration: Malware Detection based on Machine learning

Wednesday, January 29 2020 / 10:10 AM – 10:40 AM

Implementing artificial intelligence techniques to fight sophisticated malware. How AI works with our experts in a scalable way to increase detection performance and effectively protect your assets.

Arife BICAR // Data Scientist // Airbus CyberSecurity

Round table: Active Directory: the cornerstone of cybersecurity?

Wednesday, January 29 2020 / 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Active Directory is increasingly targeted by cybercriminals, including by script kiddies who exploit the outbreak of flaws in the Kerberos authentication protocol. And yet, the security of such fine mechanics is often neglected by companies. What are the existing threats? How can the security of such crucial component be strengthened by detecting suspicious privilege escalations? How can problems, configuration errors and vulnerabilities be managed? How can security events and changes be tackled by using information gathered from domain controllers? And how can machine learning help detect attacks on AD?

Jean-Pierre MOULARD // Head of SOC // Airbus CyberSecurity
Sylvain CORTES // Security evangelist // ALSID

Round table: Shadow IT, IAM and privileged accounts: the troublesome trio

Wednesday, January 29 2020 / 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Least privilege, account separation, specific password policy, etc.: these principles are well-known.  Yet, in practice, CISOs usually have a hard time managing these accounts. How large is the scope to consider? At what point should someone be considered a “privileged” user? How should groups be managed in Active Directory?

Julien BEUVELET // Security Manager // Accenture Security
// Directeur Produits Sécurité de l’Information // CARREFOUR
Romain WARTEL // Worldwide LHC Computing Grid Security Officer // CERN
Julien ADDE // Architecte IAM // Airbus CyberSecurity

Award ceremony FIC 2020 Startup Award

Tuesday, 29th January 2020 / 5:15 PM

As chair of the jury, Frédéric Julhes, Head of Airbus CyberSecurity France, will hand out the awards to the three winners of the FIC 2020 Startup Award.

Plenary Session: Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence: a love-hate relationship

Wednesday, January 29 2020 / 5:45 PM – 7:00 PM

Artificial intelligence has without a doubt been the cybersecurity buzzword of the present decade— even becoming a key marketing element for any proper cybersecurity solution, so much so that 87% of companies claim to be using it already. Indeed, even though ‘AI’ has become a hackneyed term, there is no doubt about the contribution of such technologies in terms of prevention (cyber resilience, bug correction…), anticipation (cyber threat intelligence, cognitive cybersecurity…), detection (vulnerabilities, internal or external threats…) and reaction (incident response, attribution…). To address sophisticated and growing attacks, future SOCs will need to be mostly automated, especially given the current major lack of cybersecurity skills to meet demand. Amidst the general enthusiasm for AI, however, common sense should also be used to question its limits. In legal and ethical terms, what should the balance be between artificial and human intelligence, since the latter should in fine remain the sole arbitrator, and therefore bear sole liability? For instance, which cybersecurity decisions could in the future be made by an AI, and which will need to stay ‘human-made’? How can AI be made more auditable—i.e. stay within human reach—as humans need to understand before deciding? What technical limits are there to AI? Just like any other technological improvement, it can be misused, and even used by attackers to design and implement operations. Besides, AI itself can be attacked, by poisoning, inference, or deception.

Julia SIEGER // Journaliste // France 24
Mariana PEREIRA // Director of Email Security Products // Darktrace
Shujun Li // Professor of Cyber Security // University of Kent
Didier TISSEYRE // Deputy Cyber Commander // Ministère des Armées
Sylvain NAVERS // Head of AI // Airbus CyberSecurity
Nicolas MIAILHE // President // The Future Society

Conference: The journey to OT Monitoring: experience and lessons learned on the Airbus Assembly Lines

Thursday, January 30 2020 / 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM

Industrial environments, due to technical and organisational reasons, present unique challenges to protect and monitor. This talk will show the journey Airbus has made in its Assembly Lines to identify threats, find a way to detect incidents, and finally gain the ability to act when they occur.

Falk LINDNER // Industrial Cyber Security Expertise Services Lead //Airbus
Helene HARTMANN // SOC4OT Project Manager // Airbus CyberSecurity


Join us for a drink on Tuesday 28 January at 16:00 on Airbus CyberSecurity booth and on Wednesday 29 January at 17:00 on Stormshield booth.

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