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European Cyber Week Capture The Flag 2019

Warning!  Consistent information flowing through the Dark Web suggests that groups of hackers are plotting attacks against European port installations. Europol intelligence services issued early warning notifications to principal port authorities. These ones rely massively on High Tech to manage their critical infrastructures: information systems, building management systems, passengers and baggage access control, intrusion detection systems and video surveillance. 

Only you can defeat those attacks mitigate their impacts and to report about the progression to authorities. 

Put on your black hoodie and register here from 23rd September and join the qualification phase from 12th October.

Register here

The finale phase will be live at The European Cyber Week in Rennes, France. You will have the opportunity to attend major events, meet top European specialists in cyber security, attend conferences, and more. Many gifts and goodies will be offered to the 3 highest ranked teams, and to others!

What it takes: 

  • You are a student, and you have lots to show!
  • You are studying in France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Estonia or Finland. 
  • You want to challenge your skills against participants from all over Europe.

Qualifications from 12th-27th October. The Final will take place on 21st November 2019 in Rennes, France.

Visit to know more about this Capture The Flag. 

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