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OT Security Consultant

Ben Worthy

“Working for Airbus CyberSecurity gives me great opportunities to engage with customers in a wide variety of industry sectors. I love being able to help our clients improve the security and resilience of their OT systems, which are often the critical infrastructures which keep our country running.”

What is a OT Security Consultant?

We are OT security specialists and work closely with customers who own and operate Industrial Control Systems and other forms of Operational Technology, often within the Critical National Infrastructure sector.

We help them in different aspects of the operation and management of their assets, such as risk assessments, regulatory compliance, asset management, awareness & training, supply chain security etc.

What are the super powers required?

An OT Security Consultant must be adaptable and open-minded, as they will be required to work closely with clients from many different industries and specialisations.

The consultant has to be able to effectively embed themselves into the customer team to best understand the issues and challenges they are facing, and then be able to assess this information and provide the appropriate feedback.

There are many common issues and vulnerabilities in OT systems, but the way these are presented varies across industries and technologies, so the OT consultants must be able to use their experience and flexibility to analyse each situation and provide the customer with advice tailored to their particular circumstances.

How did Ben Worthy become a OT Security Consultant?

Ben graduated with a degree in Physics, which can be a good option if you are unsure about which career path to pursue as it arms you with many skills including analytical and critical thinking ability without steering you into any one vocation.

Ben’s first role was in the Oil & Gas industry and involved a lot of work at drill sites at the dirty end of Operational Technology. He then moved into roles working on SCADA systems and then to integrated control & safety systems engineering in diverse industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals and utilities. Ben was working on the automation system design of North Sea oil platforms when OT cyber security started becoming a mainstream topic around the time of Stuxnet.

From here, Ben focused his career progression and qualifications on OT Networks and Cyber Security, and joined Airbus in 2017 where he leads the OT Security team in the UK.

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