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Cyber Security Vulnerability Analyst

Adam Thomas

“Working for Airbus CyberSecurity has given me the opportunity to play an active role in the fight to protect the critical infrastructure of this country.”

What is a Cyber Security Vulnerability Analyst?

The role of a Vulnerability Analyst is to detect, classify and prioritise weaknesses in the network & software security of Airbus customers and to help them remediate those weaknesses. 

What are the super powers required?

The role requires you to be able to think like a potential adversary in order to understand their motivations and what they are most likely to target. 

It is vital you have a sustained knowledge of the very latest cyber security threats and threat actors. You will also be required to use industry standard scoring systems and combine them with your own knowledge of the network environment to create bespoke risk scoring matrices for Airbus customers. 

Being able to collaborate closely with the other teams is key in ensuring information can be shared across the Security Operations Centre (SOC). 

How did Adam Thomas become a Cyber Security Vulnerability Analyst?

Adam comes from a technical design background but had always had a strong interest in all things cyber security. He earned himself a scholarship to the Cyber Ready program which was jointly funded by the UK Government and CompTIA. The program was created to help address to cyber skills gap we face in this country. Through this program he passed multiple industry certifications which gave him the skills to work at Airbus CyberSecurity.

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