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Cyber Security Architect

Nils Tobeck

“I love working for Airbus CyberSecurity, because I get the opportunity to work on challenging projects in the aviation industry. Another great aspect is that I can work in international project teams to reach a common goal.”

What is a Cyber Security Architect?

As an aeronautical cyber security architect, you are designing security controls into the architecture of airborne products. Initial security risk assessments identify threats, impacts and actual risks that the airborne platforms are facing during production, in-service and during missions. Based on these risks appropriate security counter-measures have to be chosen, which comply with security and flight regulations, and which meet overall design objectives of the aircraft.

A major part of the activities requires good teamwork. The security controls have to be integrated into different system designs, which is why a lot of interaction is necessary with various engineering disciplines. This is a challenging but interesting part of working as a cyber security architect, because you learn a lot about other aeronautical engineering fields.

What are the super powers required?

The first super power that comes into my mind is curiosity in aeronautics and security; you need to be genuinely interested in those topics and keep yourself informed. To identify appropriate security measures is also an essential skill to be able to analyse complex systems and elaborate their core functionalities. Another super power is the ability to communicate for technical discussions with design teams.

How did Nils Tobeck become a Cyber Security Architect?

Towards the end of his studies in Computational Science and Engineering at the TU Hamburg-Harburg, Nils joined Airbus Commercial Aircraft for an internship on product security. Afterwards, he wrote his thesis on key management in wireless sensor networks in the same department.

Nils started his professional career as a Security and Connectivity Test Engineer for A350 integration tests. After almost three years, he moved to the research department of Airbus Group Innovations, where he worked on security aspect for multi-domain communication in aircraft cabin networks. In 2017, Nils started as a Cyber Security Architect at Airbus CyberSecurity.

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