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Network & Connect – Fire prevention in a digital world

Join the second online event of the series ‘Network & Connect,’ run by Airbus CyberSecurity, where fascinating subjects about cyber security will be explored and discussed.

This event will focus on ‘Fire prevention in the digital world’, exploring different aspects of cyber threat prevention.
Our two specialists Sebastian and Andreas will be happy to tell you more about Offensive Security and Cyber Security Exercises.

Agenda & Presenters
5:00 pm CET Airbus CyberSecurity – Introduction to the event

5:10 pm CET
Offensive Security – Think evil, do good – Sebastian Schuster, Cyber Security Specialist

„[..] There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked and those that will be [..]“, Robert S. Mueller (Former Director of the FBI)
Offensive Security services like Penetration Testing or Red Teaming are a great way to gain insights into the current resilience against cyber attacks. This talk will provide some real-world insights of previous offensive operations and how we help our customers to identify their current risks and how these could impact their business operations.

5:40 pm CET Cyber Security Exercises – A Penetration Test for Processes – Dr. Andreas Rieb, Principal Cybersecurity Consultant

During an IT/OT emergency, using established IT/OT contingency plans and processes is much more effective than improvising. Cyber Security Exercises are trainings for employees, from the management level to IT administrators. Existing processes, measures and plans are evaluated in realistic scenarios and possible weaknesses and optimisations for incident response handling are revealed.

Join this talk by Dr. Andreas Rieb to find out more about the different types of cyber security exercises possible and follow him on a journey through en exercise carried out with a critical infrastructure in Germany in 2018.

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